Your income post retirement

Retirement is known as the best years of your life and a time to look forward to, the final breakaway from the employment rat race. Sadly the truth is that most retirees have to work past their retirement age in order to acquire enough capital

What to consider for your Will

Your last message to your loved ones… If you have not made a Will before, there are numerous factors you need to consider before you will be ready to start. You need to be at least 16 years old and judged to be mentally competent

Protect your business against risk

Most entrepreneurs are considered risk takers as they have chosen the life of creating wealth on their own, rather than creating wealth for someone else. It is therefore in the best interest of every entrepreneur to protect themselves and their business against all risks. Business

Let a living will speak for you when you cannot

An image has been circulating on social media showing a tattoo on a man’s back. What makes this photo memorable is that this man’s tattoo is a living will – complete with witness signatures. While it’s certainly not necessary to permanently inscribe it on your

Stokvel Investment Club

South Africans are not saving enough money and The South African Savings Institute (SASI) encourages that all South Africans start saving money. Saving is the first building block to creating wealth and having enough money to meet emergencies which occur now and again. Despite popular

Appointed as an executor, what now?

Being appointed as an executor of a Will can be an onerous task, and it is definitely not one that should be undertaken lightly, especially if you’re just a regular person with no formal training in Estate law. However with the right assistance, you can