Debt collection will cost you

You ran short of funds this month. It doesn’t happen every month so you’re not too stressed. To make ends meet, you decide to delay paying your doctor’s bill till the end of next month… or till you think you can comfortably manage it. After

Weekly expense tracking sheet

Does it feel like your bank account is always empty when you really need money? Yet you have already started or you are planning to start your Annual-Household-Budget, but you are still not making ends meet? If this feels familiar you can use our weekly-expense-tracking-sheet

Truth About Money: Demystifying money matters

1Life launches financial educational offering, money management, debt and estate solutions for the broader South Africa. 13 March 2014, 1Life today announced the launch of the Truth About Money; an initiative intended to encourage financial freedom for all South Africans, through the provision of consumer

Calculate your debt to income ratio

Why should you know your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio? Well it will help shed light on and help you better understand your true financial picture that is why. The good news is, getting this number is pretty easy to do with the Truth About Money’s handy

What to do if you have a garnishee

Definition: Garnishee A garnishee order is a court order requiring an employer to withhold part of their employee’s salary and pay the amount directly to that employee’s creditor for a debt which is due. This method ensures the employee makes some payments towards a debt

Debit order disaster looms

After the festive season, which usually comprises of gift-giving, holidaying and unusually high spending, South African consumers reach the end of January in a predicament of owing lump sums of money, which they cannot afford to repay. This is exacerbated by the cost of school

A lifeline if you are drowning in debt

You don’t take calls from unknown numbers because it might be the bank or an angry creditor. Your credit cards are always maxed out and your salary never makes it to the end of the month. If this sounds familiar then you are more than

Preventative steps to reduce over-indebtedness

In South Africa, the extremely high levels of debt and over-indebtedness are worsening at a worrying rate. As evident in The FinScope 2013 South African Survey results, the number of South African consumers with unsecured loans has doubled in the last year alone and more