What makes the middle class poor?

“If you understand interest, you will earn it. If you don’t, you will pay it.” – Albert Einstein I think that most people know there will be interest charged when they lend money. The thing that most don’t know… is that the amount they are

7 mistakes that will keep you in debt

Being in debt is an everyday reality for 19 million South Africans who juggle necessities such as school fees, utilities bills as well as the general cost of living, sadly it’s a reality that many are also in denial about. If you’re one of those

The real reason debt is debilitating

It’s not because it gives you a bad credit record when you can’t pay. It’s not because you spend almost all of your income paying back people you owe, if you’re like most of your fellow South Africans. (And yes, we know that all of

Are you in denial about your debt?

By Winnie Kunene I once worked with a colleague – let’s call her Eunice – who exhibited one of the toxic behaviours that I believe keep people from achieving financial freedom. Eunice would let three months’ worth of mail pile up on her desk. She

Be careful about the money you borrow

Debt is like cholesterol, you need the good one and you really, really don’t need the bad one. Just like cholesterol, good debt can help you get where you want to be, while the bad debt can pull you under and leave you struggling through

Steps to get out of debt Part 1

Getting out of debt successfully is not easy. You may have already amassed a number of debts and thinking it will be impossible to ever get out. Here are 10 Steps to get out of Debt. Stop Borrowing More. If you have any credit cards

How debt counselling can help you

Your debt worries keeping you awake at night? You are not alone. South Africans are over- exposed to debt and find themselves needing to borrow money in order to pay their debt every month. This results in consumers becoming over-indebted as they do not earn

Finding a Financial Planner in 2015

There are many different financial experts everywhere. Choosing the right one for you will save you money and build wealth. If you carefully choose a financial adviser or investment counsellor, you have a far greater chance of finding one who is objective, competent, and ethical. As