Black Friday buys that will save you money

In the mood for some retail therapy? Black Friday could be just the day to satisfy your urge to splurge – and save! We found this November’s top buys that can save you money – even if they aren’t on special!

For your home…

LED lightbulbs

If you haven’t switched to LED lightbulbs, do it this Black Friday! They will save you money in more ways than one! LED lightbulbs are energy efficient (they use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs) and last longer (as much as 25 times longer, which is years). You not only won’t have to replace them every few months, you’ll also notice a lower electricity bill!

Another lighting option to consider, especially if members of your household are in the habit of leaving the light on when they leave the room, is motion sensor lights so that your lights switch off automatically if no one is in the room, saving more than a few rands on the electricity bill.

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Timers and usage monitors

Usage monitors show you where, when and how much electricity or water you use, so you know where cutting down will reduce your costs! Timers allow you to use power and water, such as a pool pump and garden sprinkler, at certain times. Set them for off-peak rate times and your costs reduce! Usage monitors and timers cost a few hundred rands and are available from hardware stores and online retailers.

Caulk and draft stoppers

To keep the rain out, the heat out in summer and in in winter, caulk and other sealants are a must. Prices for a tube of sealant start at around R35. They make a big difference when it comes to heat loss in winter, and keeping the cool air in during summer, saving you money on heating and cooling appliance bills, and electricity costs. And for spaces between doors and floors get a few draft stoppers, your winters will be warmer!

Water-saving shower head

These let you use less water and less heat. Water-saving shower heads cost a few hundred rands – excluding installation. Depending on your usage, you could save as much as a hundred rand or more a month on your electricity and water costs.

Energy efficient appliances

If you’re planning on buying big, such as a new fridge or oven, or washing machine, be sure to buy as energy efficient as your wallet can afford. The savings on electricity will be worth it!

Food and drink

Reusable sandwich and plastic storage bags

Reusable silicon storage bags seem expensive! Just one 1 litre bag can cost over R90! But, you can reuse it, reportedly for as many as 3 000 uses or 3 to 4 years. And, they have multiple uses – for storage in the fridge and freezer, and in the microwave. Prepare a meal in advance, store it your silicon bag and microwave it! You could save at least R234 year by switching from plastic to silicon.

Water filter

Worried about or had a bad experience with your tap water? 5 litres of bottled water costs around R20, or R4 a litre, say R1 460 a year (1 litre a day). Filter water from a jug or bottle, including the cost of the jug and cartridges costs around R540 for one year (cost of water excluded).

Coffee machines

Plungers start at around R100, and coffee machines around R700, with around R100 for the coffee. These can save a fortune if you are spending over R20 on the hot liquid every day! Use reusable filters and you can save even more!

SodaStream machine

Love the sparkling water and fizzy drinks but not the price? SodaStream machines can save you money over the years with gas refills offering the bubbles at around R3.85 per litre. Compare that to over R10 a litre for water and other beverages! But – the machine is a bit pricey at around R1 300, and gas cannisters cost around R450, so don’t expect massive savings in the first year. And, be sure you have an outlet near you that will refill your SodaStream gas cannister otherwise the savings are minimal.

Water bottles and mugs

With all the drinks you make at home, why not take them to the office and when you are out to save even more. A coffee flask mug starts at around R60, and you can refill! And, refilling your water bottle at the water cooler, rather than buying a bottle of water, can save as much as R15 a day!

For your appliances….

Rechargeable batteries

A pack of 4 AA batteries will take a rather large R104 out your bank account. Rechargeable batteries will cost R222. The saving? Your rechargeable batteries can last for 2 to 3 years, saving at least R208!

Reusable vacuum bags

Reusable vacuum cleaner bags last for years, if you look after them and don’t vacuum sharp objects and broken glass. Depending on your make and model, you could pay around R150 for one reusable bag (which may even be included when you purchase your vacuum cleaner new) versus around R90 per single use bag. The savings can easily amount to over R500 a year.

Phone protectors

For cell phone breakage, even water damage, these are a must! You can prolong the life of your phone and save money on any repairs. Silicon shells and other protectors cost around R70, cell phone screen protectors start at R30.

For you …

Personal finance book

These can help you balance your budget and manage your money better!

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Online course

Want to upskill, learn how to run your own business, or fancy doing a short course to help you with your hobby or side hustle? Not only do some institutions offer Black Friday specials on courses, saving you money, you can also boost your bank balance by using your new skills to earn more!

4 top tips to help you shop smart this Black Friday

  • Buy what you need, will use, and at the right price
  • Always check that a special price really is a special price
  • Shop around so you know where the true specials are
  • Don’t part with personal information or any money online until you are sure of the product and seller

Ready, set, spend!

Black Friday is an exciting day! Be prepared, be smart and the specials you buy can save you thousands! Happy shopping!