Podcast: Tax and its grey ares

Being able to manage your finances and debt effectively is the key to a healthy savings routine. In this series of podcasts, The Truth About Money Team looks at different types of financial issues you may be facing and explores solutions to tackle them. In

Be like the best (and how to do what they do)

Arguably the smartest investor of all time, Warren Buffett is the CEO and Chairman of Omaha-based Berkshire Hathaway, which made over $24billion in profits last year. Every year, Buffett joins his 92-year old business partner on stage for the company’s AGM which more closely resembles

To buy or to rent?

In this current economic climate, it’s hard to gauge whether making a purchase on a property is better than renting. It’s all very relative as not everyone has immediate access to cash which is obviously the dream. If you have R2 million in cash and

Stop. Breathe…Now make some good decisions.

I once asked my 8-year old daughter Mia what I should teach ‘adults’ about money – that would really be of help to them. Without any hesitation she shot back “If you borrow money then it’s your responsibility to pay it back!” This is a

How to report a deceased estate

Depending on the value of the estate you need to report on, you will be required to completed different forms and different processes will take place. The distinction is less than R250 000 and estates exceeding R250 000. Save and print the below image so